Trekyllisheidin is a unique ultra-event, taking place annually in August in one of the most remote and exotic regions in north-western Iceland, known for its hospitality. The route takes you through a harsh mountain environment of weathered stones, small lakes, and rivers, but in between you can enjoy scenic views down to the fjords beneath. You might even see the mountain ridge Drangaskörð in the far north, i.e., if you are lucky with the weather. The trail is technical, but there are no steep hills or cliffs you can fall off, except if you get lost (which is highly unlikely).

As a runner you can choose between four distances, each of them with its own characteristics (see short descriptions below). All the runs are included in the ITRA National League.

Trekyllisheidin Ultra 48 km

Trekyllisheidin Ultra (48K) is the longest version of Trekyllisheidin, starting in one of the most remote and isolated communities in Iceland, Árneshreppur, inhabited by only 47 people according to the latest records. You might travel up there by yourself, but otherwise just take the bus, provided by the organizers.

The race starts at the local community house in Árnes in Trékyllisvík, north of the Arctic Circle (at N66°01′). From there, the route follows a gravel road for the first couple of miles further north, but after that, the runners start the ascend to the mountains, following a rough super-jeep trail, north of Mt. Glissa, crossing the Arctic Circle after 12K and reaching the first drinking station (just south of 66°N) after 13.2K. After that, they run to the south, passing lake Reykjarfjarðarvatn and Mt. Búrfell, where a second drinking station is located (at 25.6K). After some 34K, the route crosses Goðdalsá river and the third drinking station. At the 40K mark the route meets the trail of Trekyllisheidin mini (see below), whith the fourth and last drinking station. After that the runners start the descent to Steingrímsfjörður, down to Selárdalur valley where they cross river Selá and take the final sprint to the goal at the ski hut at Brandsholt. From there it is only 16K drive (or run) towards south to the swimming pool and hot tubs in Hólmavík village – or 21K towards east to the fishing village of Drangsnes, which also has an excellent swimming pool and exotic hot tubs.

Trekyllisheidin ultra (48K) gives 2 ITRA-points and 2 mountain-points. It is also an UTMB Index Race in the 50K category.

Map of the trail: https://tracedetrail.fr/en/trace/trace/167645

Trekyllisheidin Midi 26 km

Trekyllisheidin Midi (26K) is a medium version of Trekyllisheidin, with a premier in 2023. The race starts at the famous Hotel Djupavik in Reykjarfjordur, where one of the most advanced herring factories in Europe was erected in 1934/35 and then permanently closed some 20 years later, leaving the village of Djupavik almost like a ghost town.

The trail goes from the herring factory into the valley behind, over Kjósará river and into the highlands where it meets the trail of Trekyllisheidin Ultra after 7.5K. After that the two runs follow the same trail (see above). After some 11K, the route crosses Goðdalsá river, where the first drinking station is located. A few miles later the route meets the trail of Trekyllisheidin mini (see below), whith a second drinking station. After that the runners start the descent to Steingrímsfjörður, down to Selárdalur valley where they cross river Selá and take the final sprint to the goal at the ski hut at Brandsholt.

Trekyllisheidin midi (26K) gives 1 ITRA-point and 4 mountain-points. It is also an UTMB Index Race in the 20K category.

Map of the trail: https://tracedetrail.fr/en/trace/trace/203738  

Trekyllisheidin Mini 16.5 km

Trekyllisheidin Mini (16.5K) is the third version of Trekyllisheidin, providing runners with an excellent opportunity to enter the ultra running community and get some ITRA-points, even the first ones. The race starts on the mountain pass Bjarnarfjarðarháls, between Steingrímsfjörður and Bjarnarfjörður, north of the scenic fishing village Hólmavík. The route follows a rough and at some times a bit muddy super-jeep trail into Trekyllisheidi. After a drinking station at the 8.5K mark it is about time to turn left and follow the same path as the ultra runners participating in Trekyllisheidin Ultra and Trekyllisheidin Midi (see above) down to Selárdalur valley, across river Selá and towards the goal at the ski hut at Brandsholt.

Trekyllisheidin mini does not give ITRA-points (except from 2 mountain points), but participants will of course earn ITRA performance scores.

Map of the trail: https://tracedetrail.fr/en/trace/trace/156349

Trekyllisheidin Junior 3.7 km

Trekyllisheidin Junior (3.7K) offers an opportunity for kids and beginners to take a glimps of the trail running world. The run starts at the abondened farm Bolstadur in Selárdalur valley. From there the trail goes a bit up to the hills, but after half a kilometer the runners turn to the right and from there the route of the longer runs (see above) is followed down to Selárdalur valley, across river Selá and towards the goal at the ski hut at Brandsholt. As the river can be tough to deal with, participants should be at least 10 years old.

Map of the trail: https://tracedetrail.fr/en/trace/trace/203837


Registration at https://netskraning.is/trekyllisheidin/.

 Price schedule:48 km26 km16.5 km3.7 km
 To 31 Jan 2023 80 EUR65 EUR40 EUR15 EUR
 1 Feb – 30 June 2023 90 EUR80 EUR45 EUR15 EUR
 From 1 July 2023100 EUR90 EUR50 EUR15 EUR

Included in the fee:

  • Bib and timing
  • Security and guidance
  • Drinks and nutrition at drinking stations and in the goal area
  • WC at the start and in the goal area
  • Luggage from the startline to the goal area
  • Prize for top-3 men and women

Upon registration, participants must indicate whether they intend to take the bus from Selárdalur to the startline, and the fare will then be added to the registration fee. The fare to Trekyllisvik is 45 EUR per person, 35 EUR to Djupavik and 15 EUR to the start of Trekyllisheidin Mini at Bjarnarfjarðarháls. The fare to the startline of the junior race in included in the registration fee. Fares are subject to the same refund terms as with entry fees, (see below). Those who don’t choose the bus at registration can still book a ride by sending an e-mail to Skidafelagstrandamanna@gmail.com 31 July 2023 the latest. However, sufficient supply of seats cannot be guaranteed at that time.

Participants participate in the race at their own risk and are not entitled to the organizers due to events related to the race. The registered participant is responsible for the bib number and must not hand it over to others to participate in the race. Anyone who runs with a number not dedicated to him/her by the organizer is not a valid participant.

50% of the entry fee will be refunded upon request (to Skidafelagstrandamanna@gmail.com) until 1 July 2023. If the race is canceled after that due to a natural disaster, weather, pandemic or other unforeseen reasons, 50% will be refunded. Changing of names is allowed, by sending an e-mail to Skidafelagstrandamanna@gmail.com.

Participants are requested to respect the nature and no waste may be thrown along the trail, except in special containers at the drinking stations. Participants are also requested to respect other participants and hikers along the way and obey the staff’s instructions in all cases. External assistance to competitors is not permitted, except in the case of emergency. In such cases, participants should assist other participants until further appropriate assistance is received.

Participants are responsible for their own equipment and must dress according to the weather and the weather forecast. Compulsory equipment in the longer runs (48K and 26K) is as follows:

  • Multible use cups for drinks from rivers and at drinking stations
  • Fully charged mobile
  • Aluminium carpet
  • A whistle
  • Hat / buff and gloves

Participants must have their bibs visible throughout the race.

The race director can expel those who do not follow the terms. The race director may also stop the race or cancel it due to external circumstances.

Skíðafélag Strandamanna reserves the right to use registration information, such as when publishing results, general mailings, sending information by e-mail and publishing information on the event’s website. The company also reserves the right to publish on the event’s website photos taken in connection with the event, as well as to use them in marketing and promotional materials.

By registering, the participant agrees to the above terms.

Race Day

Time schedule
07:30             Bus departure from Selárdalur to Trékyllisvík (for 48 km)
10:00             Start 48 km at the community centre in Árnes, Trékyllisvík
10:00             Bus departure from Selárdalur to Djúpavík (for 26 km)
12:00             Start 26 km at Hótel Djúpavík
12:15             Bus departure from Selárdalur to Bjarnarfjarðarháls (for 16.5 km)
13:00             Start 16.5 km at Bjarnarfjarðarháls
13:40             Bus departure from Selárdalur to Bólstaður (for 3.7 km)
14:00             Start 3.7 km (juniors) at Bólstaður
14:00             First runners expected at the finish line in Selárdalur
15:30             Prize ceremony in Selárdalur (or when first three have arrived)
18:00             Goal closed (time limits for 48 km)

Runners fighting the first slopes of Trekyllisheidin Ultra, north of the Arctic Circle, with the abandoned community of Ingolfsfjordur further behind.